Birria tacos and consomé from above.

birria tacos con consomé

Birria tacos are hands down the craziest tacos ever. Birria. Melted cheese. Fried tortillas. Onions. Cilantro. Lime. Amazing.

And all that gets dipped in an unbelievably delicious sauce. That’s the consomé. It’s just diabolical.

Bowl of birria de res garnished with cilantro and onion from the front.

birria de res con consomé

Birria de res con consomé is one of the truly great dishes from Mexico. Beef and chilies come together in a way you have to experience to really understand.

Mexican charro beans in a white bowl. View from above.

charro beans – frioles charros

Charro beans are smoky, savoury, spicy pinto beans. Perfect as a side to any BBQ or Mexican meal. Bacon, tomatoes, chipotles, onion and garlic. Hello tasty.

I think beans are the perfect side for BBQ. Real BBQ I mean. Low and slow. Ribs. Brisket. Chicken. Hot links. Charro beans are more Mexican than Texas. But I don’t care. They work. They work well.

Mexican pork and black bean stew garnished with lime slices

mexican pork and black bean stew

Mexican pork and black bean stew. This is one of those crazy satisfying recipes that insinuates itself into your list of favourites.