Chicken with tomatillo sauce is all about big, bold, straightforward flavours.

chicken with tomatillo sauce

Mexican comfort food. Well, maybe somewhere between Mex and Tex-Mex. Doesn’t matter. Chicken with tomatillo sauce is all about simple, satisfying flavours. Tomatillo, jalapeƱo, garlic, onion, chicken. That’s just good living.

Mexican chicken with roasted tomato salsa is Mexican - upscaled!

mexican chicken with roasted tomato salsa

Mexican chicken with roasted tomato salsa upscales Mexican into dinner party territory. Two simple ingredients come together with a bit of classic technique to make this something that is more than the sum of the parts.

Row of beef barbacoa tacos with pico di gallo from above.

better than taqueria beef barbacoa

Beef barbacoa is a sure fire way to make tacos that people talk about. Talk about in a good way. Rave even. Big beefy taste. Gentle heat from the chiles. And a little tang at the end.

This super easy quick Mexican slaw goes with any type of taco or grilled meat.

quick mexican slaw

This quick Mexican slaw is perfect when you need something awesome to go with your star attraction but you don’t have a lot of time.

Better than restaurant chicken enchiladas verdes.

enchiladas verdes

Enchiladas verdes. So simple. So tasty. Easy to get right. Easy to get wrong as well. Keep a few things in mind and you can make better enchiladas verdes than you can buy.

Bring the taste of Mexico to your grill with this easy to make Yucatan chicken.

yucatan grilled chicken

Yucatan grilled chicken. A little bit of sunshine next time you grill. Big, bold, bright tastes. Citrus. Achiote. Chili. Mustard. Garlic. What’s not to love?

Make chicken tinga tacos better than you can buy at your local Mexican restaurant.

chicken tinga tacos

Chicken tinga tacos are a great alternative to carnitas or carne asada. It’s way easier to make as well. Takes way less time. Delicious though. Definitely tasty.