New Mexican red pork chili or carne adovado brims with chile and pork flavour.

new mexican red pork chili carne adovada

New Mexican red pork chili, or carne adovada, is slow food. It’s good food. Do it right and it’s great food.

Tons of chile and roasted onion flavour. Big, big tastes. And the best part? Use cheaper cuts of pork. Shoulder or country style ribs work well.

Expensive parts dry out. This is a braise. You wouldn’t make stew with beef tenderloin. Pork is no different.

I’m cheating a bit though. Adovada means marinated and that’s a step I skip. I do not believe in marinades.

I’ve read quite a bit on it and the consensus among the food scientists seems to that marination is a surface phenomenon. 

Salt penetrates. Everything else just sits there doing not a lot of anything. Except making a mess maybe. Taking up room in the fridge. Stinking it up.

Two simple tricks to make a better pico de gallo.

a better way to make pico de gallo

There is a better way to make pico de gallo. There are 7,502,231 recipes on the internet. I counted. All exactly the same. Chop some stuff. Mix it up. Eat. But there’s a better way.

Braised pork with tomatillos and pinto bean chili

braised pork with tomatillos and green chilies

Chile verde. Chili Colorado. Braised pork with tomatillos. Add some more green chilies and some cilantro and you have what might be the state dish of New Mexico. It’s all over the southern US. It’s nowhere up north. I don’t know why. It’s flat out comfort food.

These Mexican pinto beans are better than you will get in restaurants. Rich, savoury and oh so satisfying, they go with anything and everything.

mexican pinto beans

For me bean dishes are all about cooking as you go. My friends are always asking me for the recipe for my bean dish. It’s never the same. It’s about what I have on hand. What I feel like. What will match the meal. Mexican pinto beans are a stable in my rotation though. Always good. Better than you’ll get at most restaurants.

Melting pork back ribs, fire roasted tomatoes and cheese polenta come together in this fine dining riff on Mexican pork chili.

mexican pork ribs with creamy cheese grits

Mexican pork ribs. Chili. Tomato. Spice. Creamy cheese grits. It comes together beautifully on the plate. A deeply flavoured, mildly spicy sauce blends with the creaminess of the grits. Meltingly tender pork ribs add a touch of richness. This dish takes Mexican cooking into fine dining territory.

Sous-vide your steaks then sear for perfect steak salad/

steak salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette

Sometimes you need a steak but you can’t get to your grill. It might be raining. It might be covered with a foot of snow like mine is. Pan frying steak is a great way to get your fix no matter what’s going on outside. Steak salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette is a little taste of summer any time you want it.

Loaded carnitas tacos with queso, pico, pickled onions and avocado tomatillo salsa.

loaded carnitas tacos with avocado tomatillo salsa

I live in Canada. I have a taco addiction. That’s a bit of a problem. There are no taco trucks here. No mom and pop taquerias. There are a couple of places doing great tacos in town but there are lineups. For tacos. That’s why I make my own. Loaded carnitas tacos are how I get my taco fix at home. And you can too.

Carnitas are the star of this particular taco. Lousy carnitas – lousy tacos. Well, that’s not the only place to fall down with tacos. Lousy tortillas – lousy tacos. But let’s not get distracted. I make carnitas a couple different ways. Sous-vide carnitas are really good. Make them ahead of time and just fry them up to order. Or you can go old-school and make more traditional pork carnitas. They are really, really good too.

These crispy pork carnitas are as close as you are going to get without a plane ticket to Mexico.

crispy pork carnitas

Crispy pork carnitas make some of the best tacos around. Little bits of pork wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. That is just good living.