Pan fried steak with a dijon white wine mustard sauce is quick to make but big on flavour. A bit more work than grilled but absolutely delicious.

pan fried steak with dijon white wine sauce


While a grilled steak can be pretty good I’m not happy unless there’s a sauce. For me, a pan fried steak is where it’s at. A splash of wine, a bit of stock – in this case veal stock – and a couple of flavour highlights and you move into serious territory.

The French have mastered at least 100 different pan fried steak dishes – and yet there’s no grilled steak recipes in the Cordon Bleu at Home…

French chicken in a pot top view on oval plate

french chicken in a pot

French chicken in a pot. It’s a great way to mix up the Sunday roast chicken. It infuses the chicken with rich flavours and creates an unbelievably delicious sauce.

This is a simplified version of the poule-au-pot. It’s not stuffed. It’s not poached. It’s roasted. But it’s not really roasted because it’s sealed in a pot. Confused? Just go with it. It’s really, really good.

Lemon thyme and chicken thighs come together beautifully in a simple pan roasted dish perfect for a special weeknight dinner.

lemon thyme chicken

Lemon thyme chicken. Some flavours just work together. You see them over and over. Nothing original here but it works. A bit of white wine and some crushed chili flakes round it out. Just tasty. This is a great place to use concentrated chicken stock if you have some on hand. If you don’t, consider it seriously…

There’s not a lot of sauce though. Just a spoonful per serving. Leaves you wanting more. Lemon thyme chicken is fast enough for a weeknight but flashy enough for the weekend.

panzanella tuscan bread salad

panzanella – tuscan tomato bread salad

Panzanella is a tuscan tomato bread salad from the land of endless summer. If you like tomatoes and you like bread you owe it to yourself to try it at least once.

Where I live tomatoes are trucked for miles in winter. I think they’re tomatoes. That what the sign says. The taste says nothing. Nothing. Dust. In summer though, picked at the peak of ripeness from nearby farms the tomato is a magical thing. For me, it just screams summer and I work them into almost every meal for as long as they last.

Easy to make - this creole chicken is pure cajun comfort food.

creole chicken

Creole chicken. Spicy, creamy, a little bit rich. Satisfying. Maybe not what jumps to mind when you think comfort food but satisfying in a way only a fricassee can be.

Rotisserie chicken cooked over fire. Spit-roasting self bastes the bird. The result - a succulent, crispy bird served up with a simple board sauce.

rotisserie chicken

Chicken, fire, flavour. So simple. So good. Take a good quality chicken, season it to your taste and spin it over fire, letting it self-baste until it’s done. Let it rest, make a quick board sauce and enjoy. Easy. Delicious. Rotisserie chicken.

A simple, low salt creole seasoning that spices up everything!

creole seasoning

Creole seasoning can be used to spice up just about everything. Instant cajun flavour.

chicken sandwich skin on

chicken sandwich with a twist

A twist on a chicken sandwich. Hard to believe but true.

It’s a bold statement and I don’t blame anyone who just hits the back button when they see the title. But it’s true. It’s not the bread and it’s not the toppings. It’s not the condiments – no wonder ingredients in the mayo. No garlic, chipotle, anchovy, caper, lemon or anything else.