Rotisserie chicken cooked over fire. Spit-roasting self bastes the bird. The result - a succulent, crispy bird served up with a simple board sauce.

rotisserie chicken

Chicken, fire, flavour. So simple. So good. Take a good quality chicken, season it to your taste and spin it over fire, letting it self-baste until it’s done. Let it rest, make a quick board sauce and enjoy. Easy. Delicious. Rotisserie chicken.

A simple, low salt creole seasoning that spices up everything!

creole seasoning

Creole seasoning can be used to spice up just about everything. Instant cajun flavour.

chicken sandwich skin on

chicken sandwich with a twist

A twist on a chicken sandwich. Hard to believe but true.

It’s a bold statement and I don’t blame anyone who just hits the back button when they see the title. But it’s true. It’s not the bread and it’s not the toppings. It’s not the condiments – no wonder ingredients in the mayo. No garlic, chipotle, anchovy, caper, lemon or anything else.

truffled leek and potato

truffled leek and potato soup

Without the truffle this soup is called potage parmentier when served hot and vichyssoise when served cold. I don’t think it has a name but truffled leek and potato is completely over the top.

montreal smoked meat sandwich

montreal smoked meat

Montreal smoked meat is Canada’s answer to the pastrami sandwich. It’s a seriously great sandwich.

pork carnitas tacos

sous vide pork carnitas tacos

Sometimes you screw up. If you don’t you’re not trying hard enough. That’s exactly how I came up with this. I was trying to make these amazing sous vide pork carnitas cubes I saw Rick Bayless do. When they hit the frying pan the pork lard melted and they self destructed. Time to make tacos!

This mac and cheese is so good it will outshine your main courses. Loaded with gruyere and cheddar, it does away with breadcrumbs and other distractions.

killer mac and cheese

This mac and cheese is so good it will outshine your lovingly prepared mains. It’s a star attraction. I know. I’ve done it to myself. More than once.

This is one of those recipes that you have to be careful with. It’s good. Very good. Crazy good.