Tandoori pizza from above.

tandoori chicken pizza

Pizza. A little bit of food magic. I think anyway. A few simple ingredients. Some heat. A culinary miracle happens. Tandoori chicken pizza takes that magic up a notch.

Closeup of ekoori tomato mixture on scrambled eggs from above.

ekoori – indian scrambled eggs

Ekoori. Never heard of it? Time to fix that. Think scrambled eggs with salsa.

Now think of Indian scrambled eggs with intensely flavoured tomato masala. Scrambled eggs. Times ten.

Trio of vindaloo pulled pork sandwiches.

pulled pork vindaloo

Every now and then I do a post just for me. So I don’t forget. This is one of those times. Pulled pork vindaloo. Just because I love it.

Bowl of Indian slaw from above.

indian slaw

Indian slaw. A big mess of creamy wonderful. Cabbage. Jalapeno. Onion. Tangy spiced yoghurt mayonnaise dressing. Nothing not to like.