Closeup of chicken fried rice in a bowl from the front

chicken fried rice – restaurant style

I’m going to stop you right here. If you want soggy fried rice. Overloaded with stuff. Then this one is not for you. This is chicken fried rice like they serve at restaurants.

Indian onion salad in clear bowl from above

indian onion salad

Sometimes delicious is just staring you in the face. This is one of those times. Indian onion salad. Move over Yucatan pickled onions. There’s a new sheriff in town.

30 minute chicken jalfrezi in a kadai from above

chicken jalfrezi in 30 minutes

Chicken jalfrezi is on every single Indian restaurant menu for a reason. It’s delicious. Now you can make it at home. In 30 minutes. Start to finish. Any night of the week.