South Indian chicken curry in a kadai from above.

30 minute south indian chicken curry

South Indian chicken curry. Ready in 30 minutes. Yes. You read that right. Delicious chicken curry wrapped up in that lush restaurant sauce you crave in half an hour.

Cropped view of Chinese chicken curry in a bowl with a side of rice

chinese chicken curry

It’s a funny thing. Chinese chicken curry is a bit addictive. There’s not much to it. A simple dish really. But somehow it just works.

Bowl of Singapore noodles from above.

singapore noodles

Singapore noodles are a delicious jumble of BBQ pork, shrimp, red peppers and rice vermicelli all wrapped up in a crazy tasty curry package. Seriously good eating.

Closeup of chicken fried rice in a bowl from the front

chicken fried rice – restaurant style

I’m going to stop you right here. If you want soggy fried rice. Overloaded with stuff. Then this one is not for you. This is chicken fried rice like they serve at restaurants.