Trio of vindaloo pulled pork sandwiches.

pulled pork vindaloo

Every now and then I do a post just for me. So I don’t forget. This is one of those times. Pulled pork vindaloo. Just because I love it.

Bowl of Indian slaw from above.

indian slaw

Indian slaw. A big mess of creamy wonderful. Cabbage. Jalapeno. Onion. Tangy spiced yoghurt mayonnaise dressing. Nothing not to like.

Chicken rogan josh in a kadai from above.

rogan josh – indian hotel style

If vindaloo is the king of curries. And jalfrezi is the queen. Then rogan josh is the crown prince. Spicy. Rich. Delicious. Serious business.

This one is world famous for a reason. A very good reason.

Cast iron frying pan full of tandoori bbq prawns

tandoori prawns – indian bbq shrimp

Tandoori prawns. Indian barbecue shrimp. Spice infused butter. Garlic. Ginger. Lemon. And perfectly cooked prawns. If that doesn’t sound amazing I don’t know what does.

Bowl with seared Japanese tuna on a bed of green beans, potatoes and sliced egg

japanese tuna nicoise with yuzu miso vinaigrette

Think beautiful, rare tuna. Little new potatoes. Market-fresh green beans. Perfectly cooked eggs. And a yuzu miso vinaigrette to tie it all together. That’s what Japanese tuna ni├žoise is all about.