Bowl of curried potato salad from the front.

curried potato salad

The world needs more killer sides for tandoori chicken. I think anyway. And I think this is one of them. Indianish curried potato salad.

Chettinad chicken curry in a kadai from above

chettinad chicken curry

Chettinad chicken curry. Coconut milk. Chili. Curry leaves. And a chettinad masala spice blend. This one hits all the right notes.

Vindaloo chicken wings, coriander chutney dip and celery from above

vindaloo chicken wings

Vindaloo chicken wings. It had to happen. Ultra-crispy wings in a spicy vindaloo inspired sauce. How can you not want that?

Tandoori pizza from above.

tandoori chicken pizza

Pizza. A little bit of food magic. I think anyway. A few simple ingredients. Some heat. A culinary miracle happens. Tandoori chicken pizza takes that magic up a notch.

Closeup of ekoori tomato mixture on scrambled eggs from above.

ekoori – indian scrambled eggs

Ekoori. Never heard of it? Time to fix that. Think scrambled eggs with salsa.

Now think of Indian scrambled eggs with intensely flavoured tomato masala. Scrambled eggs. Times ten.