Curry chicken ramen, sake and fresh ramen noodles from above.

curry chicken ramen

If you love ramen and you love curry then curry chicken ramen could be your new favourite.

Indian hotel chicken dopiaza in a karai bowl from above

chicken dopiaza – indian hotel style

Chicken dopiaza. Hotel style. This is something you know. Might even be a favourite. But not quite how you might be expecting. This dopiaza brings seriously big flavours.

Table scene with serving bowls containing green chili chana achari, devilled potatoes, chicken dopiaza and rice from above.

green chili chana achari

Green chili chana achari. Not like any other chana masala you’ve ever tasted. Different. But so tasty.

achari chicken curry in a kadai from above.

achari chicken curry – indian hotel style

Achari chicken curry is not your run of the mill curry. In fact, it’s not really like anything else. If you want something that stands out from the crowd this one is for you.

Bowl of mulligatawny soup garnished with drizzled cream, cilatntro and whole kashmiri chilies from the front.

mulligatawny soup

Mulligatawny soup. Savoury lentils. Chicken. Indian spices. Ginger. Garlic. And lemon. How can you go wrong?

Thai beef noodles with chopsticks from above

thai beef noodles

Thai beef noodles. Garlicky, sweet, salty, spicy. A little bit smoky. Lots of big flavours going on. Street food. At home. Seriously tasty stuff.