Birria tacos and consomé from above.

birria tacos con consomé

Birria tacos are hands down the craziest tacos ever. Birria. Melted cheese. Fried tortillas. Onions. Cilantro. Lime. Amazing.

And all that gets dipped in an unbelievably delicious sauce. That’s the consomé. It’s just diabolical.

Bowl of birria de res garnished with cilantro and onion from the front.

birria de res con consomé

Birria de res con consomé is one of the truly great dishes from Mexico. Beef and chilies come together in a way you have to experience to really understand.

Indian restaurant chicken jalfrezi in a karai from above.

indian restaurant chicken jalfrezi

Indian restaurant chicken jalfrezi. Big, bold flavours. Just like they serve at your favourite Indian restaurant. Except this is one you can make it yourself. 

Thai beef noodles with chopsticks from above

thai beef noodles

Thai beef noodles. Garlicky, sweet, salty, spicy. A little bit smoky. Lots of big flavours going on. Street food. At home. Seriously tasty stuff.

Lamb vindaloo, keema matar and rice table scene from the front.

lamb vindaloo – indian restaurant style

Lamb vindaloo is on every menu of every Indian restaurant in the world. And it’s there because it is one of the greats. Like madras. Or jalfrezi. It’s just really, really good.

Bowl of Thai beef and broccoli and rice from above.

beef and broccoli – thai style

Think about beef and broccoli. Now think about what would happen if you took a classic and moved it to Thailand. That’s what this is about.