Bowl of mulligatawny soup garnished with drizzled cream, cilatntro and whole kashmiri chilies from the front.

mulligatawny soup

Mulligatawny soup. Savoury lentils. Chicken. Indian spices. Ginger. Garlic. And lemon. How can you go wrong?

Bowl of spicy beef noodle soup from above.

spicy beef noodle soup – vietnamese style

Think beefy broth. A hint of lemongrass. Beef. Star anise. Rice noodles. And some bun bo Hue spice to fire it all up. That’s what this beef Vietnamese inspired noodle soup is all about.

Spoon full of matzo ball soup broth

matzo ball soup

Matzo ball soup really is one of the greatest chicken soups of all time. Simple. Intense. Salty. Savoury. Wonderful stuff.

Spoon in a bowl of gumbo with chicken and sausage

gumbo with chicken and shrimp

This is a rich, restaurant style gumbo. No holds barred. Maximum flavour. No shortcuts. Totally worth it. Gumbo for when you want to impress. Dinner party gumbo.

Two bowls of potato leek soup garnished with cream and chives.

potato leek soup

Potato leek soup. So good. So easy. Something wonderful from the simplest of ingredients.

Potato leek soup is one of my favourite soups of all time. There is something magic about taking such basic ingredients and creating a dinner party worthy dish.