Korean bbq shrimp in a cast iron pan from above.

korean bbq shrimp

Korean bbq shrimp. Think cajun bbq shrimp but with big Korean flavours. Classic Louisiana meets Asia in a mess of buttery goodness.

Easy pad thai in a bowl from above.

easy pad thai

Easy pad thai. That’s three words that make me smile. This is the classic noodle stir fry that everybody loves. Famous for a reason. It’s absolutely delicious.

Curry laksa bowl with chopsticks and sambar from above.

curry laksa – malaysian curry mee

Malaysian curry laksa or curry mee is one seriously tasty meal in a bowl. Big curry flavours. Coconut milk. Lemongrass. Chicken. Or shrimp. Or both. And noodles. There’s nothing here not to love.

Singapore noodles with lots of pork, shrimp and egg on a plate

singapore noodles

Singapore noodles are a delicious jumble of BBQ pork, shrimp, red peppers and rice vermicelli all wrapped up in a crazy tasty curry package. Seriously good eating.