Hotel makhani gravy in a bowl from above - closeup

makhani gravy – hotel style

Hotel style makhani gravy. Want to make butter chicken like you dream about? This is the first step. The first step to other great dishes too.

Table scene with serving bowls containing green chili chana achari, devilled potatoes, chicken dopiaza and rice from above.

green chili chana achari

Green chili chana achari. Not like any other chana masala you’ve ever tasted. Different. But so tasty.

Indian restaurant curry gravy with a spoon sitting in it. Surrounded by tomatoes on the vine, onions, green chilies and spices. From the front.

hotel style indian curry gravy

Indian curry gravy, hotel style. This is something new. But something old. Probably really old. And the start of something new. And wonderful. For me. And hopefully for you.

Tandoori paste in a clear bowl surrounded by ginger root and red chilies.

tandoori paste – Patak’s copycat

Patak’s tandoori paste has been around forever. It is the reference tandoori paste all around the world. Spicy. Tart. Red. It’s a backyard BBQ staple.

Spoonful of Thai sweet chili sauce next to a mason jar full on a cutting board.

thai sweet chili sauce

Thai sweet chili sauce is sticky, spicy, sweet and delicious on just about everything. And it’s dead easy to whip up. No sense buying it. Just make it when you need it.