Hotel makhani gravy in a bowl from above - closeup

makhani gravy – hotel style

Hotel style makhani gravy. Want to make butter chicken like you dream about? This is the first step. The first step to other great dishes too.

Table scene with serving bowls containing green chili chana achari, devilled potatoes, chicken dopiaza and rice from above.

green chili chana achari

Green chili chana achari. Not like any other chana masala you’ve ever tasted. Different. But so tasty.

Eggplant curry in an iron bowl with rice and chana masala from the front.

eggplant curry – baingan masala restaurant style

Eggplant curry makes an awesome vegetarian main course or side dish for any Indian meal. Big flavours of onion, garlic, ginger and spice. And that lush restaurant style sauce. This is one seriously tasty vegetable curry.

Dal tadka in a bowl with parathas in the background. From the front.

dal tadka restaurant style

Dal tadka is the one of the great Indian lentil dishes. Restaurants serve it everywhere for a reason. It is just really, really tasty.

Palak paneer in an Indian bowl from above.

palak paneer – indian restaurant style spinach curry

Palak paneer is a North Indian spinach and cheese curry that is sure to satisfy vegetarians and omnivores alike. Delicate paneer in a rich and flavourful sauce.

This is not the creamy bright green version. This is palak paneer done restaurant style. Big, bold Indian curry. Hit you over the head flavours. Not subtle. Not at all. If you are looking for the bright green version this is not it.