Bowl of spicy beef noodle soup from above.

spicy beef noodle soup – vietnamese style

Think beefy broth. A hint of lemongrass. Beef. Star anise. Rice noodles. And some bun bo Hue spice to fire it all up. That’s what this beef Vietnamese inspired noodle soup is all about.

Table scene with grilled pork, pickled carrots, and nuoc cham.

bun thit nuong – vietnamese grilled pork with rice noodles

Bun thit nuong is one of the great Vietnamese noodle salads. Lemongrass marinated pork. Fresh herbs. Cool rice noodles. And a big drizzle of hot, sour, sweet and salty nuoc cham dipping sauce. 

Contrasting flavours that come together together in a big bowl of delicious. The smoky, super flavourful pork. Red chili adds bite. Mint and cilantro brighten everything.

nuoc cham – vietnamese dipping sauce

Nuoc cham is that wonderful dipping sauce you get at Vietnamese restaurants. Salty, sweet, sour and spicy. It’s the perfect sauce for so many Vietnamese dishes.