Curry chicken ramen, sake and fresh ramen noodles from above.

curry chicken ramen

If you love ramen and you love curry then curry chicken ramen could be your new favourite.

Bowl of Japanese chicken curry with rice with big bowl of curry in the background.

japanese chicken curry – curry rice

Japanese chicken curry is not like curry from anywhere else. It takes Indian flavours and makes it uniquely Japanese. Familiar. But not the same. Delicious.

Overhead view of gyudon on rice in a bowl.

gyudon – japanese beef bowl

Gyudon is that beef rice bowl you see everywhere in Japan. It’s delicious and it’s super easy to make. Japanese fast food.

Karaage chicken dipped in Japanese kewpie mayonnaise.

chicken karaage – japanese fried chicken

Chicken karaage is this wonderful Japanese take on fried chicken. It gets a big flavour kick from a quick marinade. And the potato starch makes it super crispy. Tasty stuff. Like the best chicken nugget you ever had.

Japadog terimayo hot dogs on dark plate.

japadog style terimayo hot dog

This Japadog inspired terimayo hot dog is a hot dog jacked up with home-made teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo. It’s not like any hot dog you have had before.

Miso chicken with ginger and maple in a bowl with chopsticks

miso chicken with maple and ginger

Miso chicken with maple and ginger takes every day chicken and turns it into something special. Japanese flavours meets roasted chicken in a sure-fire hit.

For when you need something really tasty but don’t feel like doing a ton of work.

Miso ramen with chashu pork and medium boiled egg.

miso ramen with chashu pork

Miso ramen with chashu pork is one of the world’s great noodle dishes. Up there with pad thai, laksa, and pho. And this is an easier way to make it. Big pork broth flavour without the big pork broth effort.

Japanese miso soup in a white bowl with spoon.

japanese miso soup

Want to make Japanese miso soup at home? Want to make it in less than 10 minutes? This is the recipe for you.