Thai beef noodles with chopsticks from above

thai beef noodles

Thai beef noodles. Garlicky, sweet, salty, spicy. A little bit smoky. Lots of big flavours going on. Street food. At home. Seriously tasty stuff.

Bowl of Thai beef and broccoli and rice from above.

beef and broccoli – thai style

Think about beef and broccoli. Now think about what would happen if you took a classic and moved it to Thailand. That’s what this is about.

Spoonful of Thai sweet chili sauce next to a mason jar full on a cutting board.

thai sweet chili sauce

Thai sweet chili sauce is sticky, spicy, sweet and delicious on just about everything. And it’s dead easy to whip up. No sense buying it. Just make it when you need it.

Easy pad thai in a bowl from above.

easy pad thai

Easy pad thai. That’s three words that make me smile. This is the classic noodle stir fry that everybody loves. Famous for a reason. It’s absolutely delicious.

Thai sesame noodles on a black Asian plate.

sesame noodles – thai style

Thai sesame noodles. Think pad Thai with a big boost of sesame flavour. That’s what this is. Sesame sauce. Rice noodles. Chicken. Or shrimp. Or both. Egg. Delicious.

Thai cucumber salad in a large clear serving bowl from above.

thai cucumber salad

Big Asian flavours come together in this easy Thai cucumber salad. Just the thing when you need a quick but delicious side.